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Documentary/Reportage/Photojournalistic/Candid - There are lots of buzz words that describe my style of photography and how I like to work, but unless you're a photographer it probably doesn't mean very much anyway! The best way to see if my style is what you're looking for is to have a good old scroll though some full weddings, so pour yourself a tasty Pinot, put your feet up and have a look through these amazing wedding days - I've been part of enough weddings now to know that it's the people that make the day, whether it's a handful of your favourites or a hundred, this will 100% be the best party you've ever thrown! 

Have a click, scroll some full wedding days, and get in touch - let's make some plans!

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Nicola captured our wedding day perfectly and the joy and fun of the day is so clear to see in her photos. She was super professional and relaxed and took so many candid photos of the full day which are an amazing reminder of how happy we were!

Chris & Jacqui

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You captured the energy and the fun of our day SO perfectly! You caught so many amazing moments, thank you so much!

Grace & Chris, 2022


Venue Spotlight -
Chilli Barn, Otley


Coming Soon - The Venue, Bowers mill

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