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Leeds Wedding Photographer Prices

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Price Packages & All The Info!

(Yorkshire translation: 'Ow Much?!)

Nicola, We're Excited!!
how do We book?

Booking in is easy!!

1. Get In Touch!

Fill out my contact form and let me know all the exciting things you've got planned (Bringing your dogs? Or your cats? Cheese boards all round?)

We can arrange to have a coffee and a natter, either in person if you're local to Halifax, or via Zoom if you'd rather awkwardly chat via t'internet!


Fill out my booking form (so I know who you are and when you're getting married!) Pay a £250 deposit, and thats it! Done! Told you it was easy!

3. Carry On Planning

Thats the photography ticked off your massive wedding to-do list! Crack on with planning your day, and if you need any supplier recommendations then just get in touch!

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Easy Simple Pricing

8-10 Hours - £1700

Told you it was simple!


  • a password protected online gallery so you can download, print and share your photos far and wide

  • 400+ beautifully edited photos telling the story of your day 

  • A relaxed documentary approach to your wedding day, which put simply, means I photograph all those fun spontaneous moments and leave you to get on with enjoying your day; no staging photos, no telling you where to stand and what to do; it's your day, bloody enjoy it!​ I'll join in the dancing, chat to your mates and stash some buffet in my camera bag for the drive home, this is how all the best photos are made!

  • ZERO photos of you peeping out from behind a tree, doing heart shapes with your hands, or being chased by dinosaurs. Sorry.

Alternative Wedding Photographers Leeds


Can we add on a second photographer?

Yes!! I love working with a second photographer, you'll get photos of what your guests were up to while you're having your groups and portraits, both sets of morning prep covered if you're getting ready in different places, and lots of candids throughout the day! Add one on for £250.

We don't want all day covering, do you do shorter coverage?

Yes of course, let me know your plans on my contact form and I'll send you a quote for fewer hours.

Do you do group photos and portraits?

Of course! I don't show many on my website as I focus more on candid moments, but I'm happy to take any family group photos and I always make time for a natural portrait session with just the two of you!

What does 'edited photos' mean, will you get rid of my double chin?

Your double chin is lovely! And so are the crinkles around your eyes when you laugh, you are a beautiful human! I lightly edit your photos keeping the colours natural as you've seen on my website and adding in a few black and whites

Our dogs are coming, is this ok?

YES! I love dogs at weddings! And cats/lizards/alpacas, whatever you fancy bringing is fine with me!

We're planning a Butterfly release, is that ok?

No!! Apart from it being a bit on the cruel side, I am FUCKING TERRIFIED of Butterflies, so if you're having them at your wedding please don't book me and put me through the trauma 😂

Are you insured?

Of course! I have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. I'm insured up to around 2 million so if I accidently explode and set some priceless tapestries on fire I should be covered!

When will we get our photos?

My turnaround time is usually 3-4 weeks in the busy summer months and 2 weeks at quieter times.

Thank you Nicola, you are lovely!

Ahh thank you! You are lovely too! Now send me an enquiry and lets make some plans!

Get in touch here and check if your date is available - I'll get back to you asap!

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