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HELLO! I'm Nicola......

I eat OBSCENE amounts of Ben & Jerrys peanut butter cup ice cream. I also take really flipping amazing photos of people just like you having a right bloody good time! 

I'm a wedding photographer from lovely old Halifax in West Yorkshire, I live in a bungalow like a little old lady, in a nice village with my other half, two children and three cats (The Hissy Sisters, and our new lockdown baby, more about them below!)

There are precisely zero nice photos of me, I'm incredibly awkward in front of the camera (aren't we all!) So you'll have to make do with the only headshot I liked of me and the cat... 


1. I'm a bit of a geek and have LOVED time travel and anything to do with alternate universes since reading Toms Midnight Garden as a child.


2. I'm a big book lover - My favourite book is The Time Travellers Wife (obviously!) closely followed by The End Of Mr Y and anything by Sarah Waters.


3. My all time favourite TV show is Fringe - If you haven't seen it then watch it, its ace! My new favourite is Schitts Creek, its literally the most perfect thing I've ever watched! I think I’m slowly becoming Moira Rose.

4. I LOVE to travel! My favourite place in the world is Valletta.

5. My number one hobby is drinking coffee and browsing Rightmove for seaside homes I'll never live in!


6. I spent my teens basically being in love with Take That, reading Point Horror, and thinking I was Angela Chase from My So-Called Life (oh the diaries I went through!) If the 90's was a person, it would be me! 

7. I love shit old films - In no particular order: The Slipper And The Rose, Flight Of The Navigator, Splash, Bullshot and The Truman Show - Shit I know, don't judge!!

8. My playlist seamlessly transitions from Slipknot into the BeeGee's, I love an emotionally jarring gear change!

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-16 at 09.50.57.jpg

Tinkerbell, Massive Bitch

  • Hates everyone

  • Will attack without warning

  • Loves cheese

  • One half of the Hissy Sisters


Sox, Princess Paws

  • Hates me

  • Daddy's favourite

  • Pampered princess

  • The other half of the Hissy Sisters


Neo, Lockdown Baby

  • Drools a lot

  • Runs away from the bell on his own collar

  • Scared of everyone

I’m a proper Yorkshire Wedding Photographer (my other half calls me Kes...) and I really love it up here - from the windswept Bronte moors to the rugged East Coast, its the best place in the world!! My absolute favourite bit though is my little old hometown of Halifax - its a proper northern gem, stuffed full of history and home to some of the best people you could ever hope to meet! It also has loads of gorgeous wedding venues and so many fab suppliers, there couldn't be a more perfect place to get married!

I recently scooped the top spot in the 'Photographers Keeping It Real' documentary wedding photography awards, and was shortlisted for Rangefinder Magazines '30 Rising Stars', so you can tick Award Winning of your list too! 

You'll be spending A LOT of time with your photographer on your wedding day, so its important you choose someone you'll feel super comfortable with!

If you'd like an experienced, fully insured, super creative and lovely photographer at your wedding then fill out the boxes! 

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