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A Proper Hugfest!
(80% hugging 10% Sax and 10% cheating at Jenga...)

Halifax Wedding Photographer

I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved shooting this wedding! I've never seen a group of family and friends who love each other as much as this lot do, the hug level was off the scale!! Hayley and Nic were married at the Old White Beare in Norwood Green, Halifax; they had a simple ceremony in the pub with guests sat watching from the stairway, complete with Hayley's favourite Beyonce song as a reading (amazing!!)

Chilled Out Halifax Wedding Photography!

After the ceremony, the guests hung out in the glorious Yorkshire sunshine and enjoyed a few drinks and I took Hayley and Nic across the road to a friends garden for some photos! Whilst we were out and about, guests played ping pong and Jenga before everyone sat down to a tasty dinner followed by some teary speeches (this was also the day England played the World Cup quarter finals, so there was a fair amount of sneaking out to watch the football too!) After dinner it was all about relaxing on the decking in the sunshine, and listening to Nic's friends playing some tunes on the Sax & guitar!

The ultimate chilled out wedding day!



Halifax Wedding Photography - 

Are you planning a chilled out celebration in Halifax? Then get in touch and see if I'm free to photograph your day!

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