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The One With Ross And Rachel's Wedding!

I shot a wedding today!! Yes I was bored, yes a million other people have done lego weddings but I don't care 😁

So here's the one we all wanted!

The One With Ross And Rachel's Wedding!

(I know she's too good for him and she should've got with Mark form Bloomingdales and gone to Paris, but anyway...)


The Bride wore a fabulous Vera Wang cape dress, topped off with a lace veil handmade by blind Belgian nuns (they weren't blind to start with, but it was very intricate work , and even though they lost their sight, it was worth it!)

Rachel walked down the aisle to 'Isn't She Lovely' sung by family friend Stevie Wonder!

They had a beautiful cliff top ceremony in Barbados, the guests were stunned when a dove* swooped in and placed the ring on Rachels finger!

(*I know this is an ostrich, we don't have a lego dove)

They finished the ceremony with some beautiful portraits with their Friends!


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