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2021 - The Best Bits!

Documentary wedding photography

2021... What an absolutely amazing year!! If 2020 was the year of socially distanced congregations, face masks, hand sanitiser and 15 guests, then 2021 has definitely been the year of releasing all that pent up lockdown energy and throwing one hell of a party! This has been my busiest year to date, with around a years worth of covid postponed weddings (plus some lovely new couples too) all crammed into about 8 months its been a busy hectic year, but wow has it been worth it! I can honestly say I've loved every crazy minute of it (and judging by the state of some of this lot come 5pm, they loved every minute of it too! How many shots??!) 

I've travelled up and down Yorkshire to venues old and new and I can't wait to do it all again in 2022!

Thanks to this lot for having me, bring on next year!

Click to play, around a minute of absolute joy!


I'm pretty much fully booked for 2022, I could maybe squeeze in the odd midweek wedding and I have a couple of free autumn dates, but other than that I'm full, I'm still taking bookings for 2023 though so

get in touch and see if I'm free to photograph your day! 

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